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Foodtrucking Guide

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Hey all you foodtruckers! New to food trucks? Not sure what to do?

Maybe a little guidance can get you on your way to enjoying some delicious food from a food truck!

First off, how clean is it?

You may be worried that food trucks are not as clean as restaurants and don't have to adhere to the same rules. So here's the skinny on how they are regulated by the Health Department in LA. Orange County has similar rules (FYI).

All LA-based food trucks are required to have a health permit. This means that the truck gets an initial inspection to check that it is clean, has properly working equipment that can cook or store food at the right temperatures, and is in good working order. Trucks are also required to park at a commissary when not ‘on the streets’. Commissaries provide a place for food to be stored and prepped and are also subject to health regulations and inspections. Additionally, the truck must have a certified food handler on its staff. A certified food handler has passed an approved safety course and received a certificate stating so.

Food trucks are also subject to two inspections per year. One ‘regular’ visit and one ‘surprise’ visit. During each inspection, the inspectors check for many things such as cleanliness, cooking or storing food at the right temperatures, proper food handling procedures, and so on. Retail restaurants are subject to the same inspections.

Food trucks are now being assigned letter grades according to how well they did during an inspection. A is best, B is mediocre, and C is not good. These letter grades have to be posted in the window of the truck – another way for you to gauge if a truck is ‘clean’ or not.

For more information about the regulations, click HERE.


Next, what kind of food do the trucks make?

That’s the beauty of gourmet food trucks! Food trucks and their 'renegade' spirit have allowed the chefs to get creative in making delicious dishes for us to try!

Here’s a sampling of different dishes from different trucks: (Skip to after the pics: Where can you find the trucks?)

Foodtrucking guide

Foodtrucking guide

Foodtrucking guide


Foodtrucking guide


Foodtrucking guide

foodtrucking guide

As  you can see, you can find a variety of cuisines from food trucks! And these pictures are just a small example of what's out there!

Here on The Foodtrucker site, you can also see trucks 

Alphabetically - A-B,  C ,  D-E ,  F ,  G-H ,  I-K ,  L ,  M-O ,  P-Q ,  R-S ,  T-Z

(Hint: Alphabetically & By Category are in the menu at the top of the page.)

By Catergory - American,  Asian ,  BBQ ,  French ,  Indian ,  Italian ,  Latin ,  Mediterranean ,  Sweet ,  World

By Tag, such as sushi , cupcakes, shrimp - check out the Tag Cloud on the right side (below the Event Calendar)!

Or try typing in a keyword into the search bar at the top right of this window!

Where can you find trucks?

Trucks can be found in many different locations and venues.

Sometimes trucks group together for a ‘mobile food court’ typically in a parking lot or something similar. There are many regular weekly spots, you can find a list of them HERE.

Some trucks find a ‘spot’ where they go to on a regular basis, which can be a single spot in front of a bar or store or somewhere on a street.  You must follow that truck on Facebook, Twitter, or their website to see where they’ll be (hint: we put links to all of those items in each truck’s listing here on The Foodtrucker site - look for the foodtrucking guide).

Trucks also participate in events, which typically have an entrance fee but has other activities for you to enjoy (like go-cart racing, horseracing, bands, etc.).

The Foodtrucker has an event calendar filled with listings for truck happenings (on the right side towards the top).

There is a live map (also in the menu at the top of the page - Where?) that shows real-time data of truck locations. 

There are also 'apps' for your smart phones - iPhone, Android) and a mobile version for phones not listed.

Trucks also post schedules on their websites or Tweet their locations. When viewing a truck's listing on The FoodTrucker, look for the foodtrucking guide 

Next, we're putting together a simple foodtrucking tip sheet!

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