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Munchie Machine Spring Break

Written by  Chris
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LA favorite, The Munchie Machine, has been spending Spring Break in Panama City Beach, Florida.


Besides partying and resting, the crew has been handing out t shirts, posters and snacks to promote Universal Picture's new movie "Your Highness".

Rob, managing partner, of the Munchie Machine has been kind enough to send us an update:

Unfortunately because of permitting issues and the fact food trucks do not exist in Bay County, Florida we can’t legally sell food. We are in Panama City Beach, Florida where there are 100,000 college kids roaming through every week. It’s kind of crazy!!

NBC/Universal hired us to come out here and promote their new movie “Your Highness”. (Check out the truck!)

Munchie machine spring break

They didn’t start the process of getting us spots down here to sell food until a couple of weeks ago. With more time, we could have possibly arranged situations where we might have been able to sell food. Every bar down here serves food, as well every hotel has multiple restaurants. Domino’s Pizza is stationed in the lobby of most of the hotels selling pizzas. We have a truck and are driving it around Panama City Beach handing out free t shirts, posters and snacks.

munchie machine spring break

It’s been a lot of fun, the kids love the free shirts. We try and get a pic of every person we give stuff too, to send to Universal. We already are just about out of shirts and posters, more are coming.

munchie machine spring break

munchie machine spring break


munchie machine spring break

We have given out about 2,000 t-shirts so far. Check out our pictures! We have definitely been giving out lots of FREE HIGH 5’s and spreading our groovy vibe!

munchie machine spring break

Looks like life is pretty tough right now for the Munchie Machine Crew!

Rob did leave us with this message:

We miss you!!! See you March 30th when we make our triumphant return to LA!!

So that's all for now from Panama City Beach, Florida!!!!

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